Now i know i have a heart...'cause it's breaking." - The tin man

Samuele Palazzi, seo of Green Click Media
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Samuele Palazzi is

a Martial Artist

What inspire Samuele Palazzi

Samuele Palazzi is

a Scout leader


Samuele Palazzi is

a softball player

I am Samuele Palazzi

A programmer, a web developer, a student in informatic science.
FSF Supporter, Pitivi contributor, contributor for UI-command and BackVersion free software too.
Proud member of RiseUP! community. Actually working for a Google Ads web agency, trying to offer always an alternative point of view, in the hope he is doing something good for its clients.

an autumnal leaf that Samuele Palazzi found out and took a picture of it

"None of us find as much kindness in this life, as we should"

Samuele Palazzi using emacs in Org Mode

Samuele Palazzi is using GNU/Emacs almost for everything

A self exensible text-editor edited in 1971 by Richard Stallman, that i use to program and for almost of my needs, today in 2019.

For many programmers in the world, the reason that a only one man archive the goal to create this software, is the reason why they continue to program. This isn't the reason of mine but of course is something that inspire Samuele Palazzi to make always the better choice, walking on the hard way instead to the easy one.

You may be interested on how i configure and use Emacs

Samuele Palazzi and Martial arts

Samuele Palazzi's mental attitude grow in martial arts since he was a child and a very young practiser of Judo.

He was a very promitting Judoka when due to its knees have to stop the competitive career for a little bit. When he was sixteen starts to be a tai chi martial artist practising in forms under the teaches of Mirco Giusti of Hung Sing Kung Fu Academy. In May 2011, the 8th he win a silver medal on the National Tai chi tournament.

In 2014 he left Hung Sing Kung Fu Academy and nowdays he continuing study Tai Chi and Martial Arts by himself