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Samuele Palazzi

Who am i

My name is living in the nice city of Fano in front of the "adriatic sea" in Italy; A small city of 60k people, that speak italian and "Fanese", eat Km-0 foods, drinks local wine as Sangiovese of Morelli or Lacrima of Mariotti and of course our traditional drink called "Moretta".

The day, i like get into troubles and get out of them putting some lines of code into Emacs and see the solution flow out; I also work like a SEO executive and sometimes as SEO Analyst for GCM and i am proud of the intensity of my job and the goals we are able to archive.
The evening, i like do sports, music, cinema, theatre, get out for a dinner with friends and of course play my guitar.

In the free time I maintain this blog powered by Jekyll on github pages, a youtube channel, some social accounts, The IRC channel for UI-command community and as a programmer sometimes, in a parallel way to my studies and my job, i like to work and contribute into projects in which i saw a professional alternative to software i normally was obliged to use and sometimes not satisfied to.

In 2010 i get involved in Free Software Movement and in 2012 experienced with RiseUp! community with mails, pads and on this days testing Vpn functionalities.

My studies are concern to Ingeneer of Informatic science focused in particular on Security in web applications.