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how to make a gif from terminal

a little how to on how to make a gif from terminal

package requirements:

  • a directory with starting images
  • imagemagick
    #with superuser privileges
    apt -y install imagemagick
    cd /startingpng
    convert -delay 25 -loop 0 *.png neverending.gif

    Our startingpng directory have to be full of our pictures we would like to attach to each others to make a 8-bit animated gif and they have to be named with a progressive number.

    convert a png into gif from command line

REMEMBER that all images have to be the same lenght and width;

this are the images of this example:

image.png 0 image.png 1 image.png 2 image.png 3

Converting with a delay of 75ms the result will be as follow

gif ricavata dalla conversione da riga di comando